Saturday, March 28, 2009

Arizona - Ahhhh...Vacation!

It has been a great week.

We went to the zoo and aquarium, played golf, went swimming multiple times, visited with old friends, flew kites, rode rides at the carnival, and got spoiled by grandma and grandpa.

Tomorrow we fly home. Hopefully we have enough food and entertainment packed to keep the little ones happy.

I will post some vacation pictures later next week.

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  1. We were thrilled to see your blog. Thanks for sending the link. Wow! Charlie & Paige have grown so much. Anna is so beautiful and we are so proud of you. God knew what He was doing when he gave heer to you two! (four actually) Arizona sounds fantastic! We have friends there also and hope o get out to see them. We will go when it is winter here just to escape!! will look forward to seeing the other pics soon. Keep us posted! Uncle Ron & Aunt Doris