Saturday, March 21, 2009

Arizona - Day1

This week we are in Arizona visiting my parents. Woohoo! We are all very excited to be here where it is warm (hot, actually).

The fiight here yesterday was long - but not nearly as horrible as we were anticipating. Though Charlie and Paige have both flown before, this was their first flight that they actually remember. They were thrilled with watching the planes land at the airport. And during the flight, they enjoyed many movies on the laptop.

Anna was a trooper on her very first flight. She fussed a little, but after a bottle, she slept like, well, a baby.
Since being here, we have been trying to adjust to the new time zone. The kids were up early this morning, and Jonathan and I were craving Sonic at 9 am (our lunchtime).

And we made our first, of what I am sure to be many, trips to the pool.


PS --- No more pics on the blog until after we return home....takes way too long to upload and therefore, interrupts my vacation!

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