Friday, March 13, 2009

Broken Down and Laid Up!

It has been a busy couple of days around here...

On Thursday, Jonathan was driving home from working out of town when he stopped to get gas. After filling up, he was unable to get his car restarted. Poor Audrey (the Audi) just couldn't get it going, so Jonathan was forced to call a tow truck, and have Audrey towed to a local repair shop. And there he sat...all afternoon...waiting for Audrey to come back to life.
Unfortunately, Audrey needed a part that would not be there until Friday afternoon. So, Jonathan's dad so kindly went to pick him up, and the kids and I went up to Grammy and Papa's to pick Jonathan up from their house....It was a long day!
Audrey the Audi has given it a good run...she is almost 9 years old, and has over 130K miles on her. Sadly, I think her time may be up.

And today, Maggie had surgery on her front leg to remove a growth. It was a full-blown surgery that required her being put under. She is home recouping - but looks pathetic. Poor Maggie!

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