Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friends for Anna

As I was preparing our March newsletter for MOPS , I got to thinking about friends (because it is our theme for the month). Anyway - I have been embarrassingly blessed with so many great friends throughout my life. I have friends from all over the country because we moved around so much while growing up. Friends from grade school, friends from High School, friends from college and friends from my 'grown-up' life. I have never been the coolest, or most popular, or a social butterfly by any means -- but I have always had a place to fit in, and always at least one person around who didn't care that I was such a dork. =)

My best friend, Janae, I have known since 1st grade. (She must really love me because she has seen me through a lot.) I really miss being able to see/talk to her on a regular basis - though we do keep in good contact via email. (Praise the Lord for such a great invention!!) But I still find it amazing that Janae and I have been friends for over 25 years.

And then my thoughts turned to Anna (as they usually do), and I started wondering about what kind of friends is she going to have. Will she be accepted and be friends with many 'typical' children? Will she have a 'best friend'? I obviously hope and pray that she does. She is such a sweet girl - it is hard not to love her!

I hope and pray that for Charlie and Paige, also - though I do not worry about them so much - even though I probably should!

Friends are important.

Check out these two girls -- so beautiful, so typical (though they are not)-- and obviously great friends!

Update by Lori on 3/11/09 1:45 pm

I had to include an adendum to the previous post because we just had a playdate at our house for Paige and her 'new best friend' Lily -- who she calls 'Aunt Lily'. Lily's older sister Payton is in Charlie's class, and they just moved in behind us. Lily and Paige are just days apart in age, and they will be going to school together next year.

It was really cute watching them play. Lily is a little more quiet and reserved, whereas Paige is loud and outgoing. They played ponies, and dress-up. Then they had 'Lunch Bunch'. And after lunch they played many rousing rounds of Hullabaloo (love this game!!).

Maybe Paige and Lily will be best friends? Either way - it was fun to watch Paige interact with other kids. I was proud at how well she shared and included Lily in everything. =)

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