Monday, March 30, 2009

It Finally Happened...

Well, it took almost a year, but I knew it would eventually happen. Today at the grocery store was the first time a stranger could tell Anna had Ds just by looking at her, and said something. I am sure there are others who could tell, but just never said anything. I am not upset by it, I was just kind of surprised when it happened.

The young lady checking us out started talking to me about Anna. Her neighbor, and best friend, from childhood had Ds. She said that she had always wanted to go to school so she could work with kids with Down syndrome, but personal and family issues prevented her from going to school like she wanted.

Today, she works as a cashier at ShopRite. And her best friend, the one with Ds, works just 3 checkout lanes down from her. They are roommates and share an apartment. =)

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  1. It's hard not to stare at Anna...she's so stinkin' cute :)