Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Therapy

Anna's therapist was unable to make it to our session last Friday, so we had a make-up session this afternoon. Anna was none too thrilled to be woken up from her nap only to be made to try and reach and scoot for things. She only gave a half-hearted effort, and a smile was certainly out of the question!

Despite being a grump, Anna did show off some of her skills -mainly her ability to blow massively wet raspberries, and bang toys together.

We will likely be adding speech therapy to Anna's regular regimen of therapy. Ms. Jeannette would like for Anna to be making more consonant sounds and babbling more, which she does not do at all right now. So, sometime next month we will probably be adding a speech therapy session.

Anna's next therapy session is Friday morning. Hopefully Anna will be a little more perky then!

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