Friday, March 6, 2009

Moving Backwards to Move Forwards

Every Friday morning, Anna has developmental therapy: a combo. of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Because she has Down syndrome, Anna is automatically eligible for Early Intervention services. Anna has some developmental delays, but she is steadily making progress each day.

In our session this morning, Anna's therapist, Ms. Jeanette, was excited to see Anna inching backwards. Apparently, moving backwards is a step closer to moving forwards. In the pictures, you will see Ms. Jeanette helping Anna to learn to move forwards. We will be needing to baby proof the house again in no time!

You may also notice Anna's hot pink 'hip helpers'. These are to help Anna keep her right hip from flailing out as she likes to do. She only wears them when she is on the floor playing.

Other things to note about Anna's development: She has her first tooth (bottom front) just about ready to pop through. She has mastered eating food from the spoon, and is getting better at eating solid foods that she has to 'chew' (puffs, bananas, peas, etc.). She is still not able to feed them to herself, but we are working on that -- I am praying that she will be able to feed herself her 1st birthday cake!


  1. Thank God for Early Intervention. Haven had Early Ed with some of her delays. I wish more parents would realize the benefits of these services and not worry about "labels". They out weigh any negativity. I realize these more now than ever when I have 6th grade students who struggle and their parents don't want to do anything to help them!