Monday, March 16, 2009


So yesterday after church, we drove up to the in-laws for a traditional Irish dinner of corned beef and cabbage to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. No, we are not Irish - but Kathleen so kindly treats us each year to this yummy feast -that I am beginning to think she might have some green blood in her somewhere. The food was awesome!! Thanks, Kathleen!

But, as anyone who has ever cooked cabbage knows, the smell of cooked cabbage is not only very strong, but it also lingers. I am forced to do laundry today because every article of clothing we had on yesterday reeks of cabbage. In the words of Paige - "P-U it's You!!!"

And speaking of cabbage, I often tease that Anna is our little cabbage patch doll. If anyone has a cabbage patch doll -- I am talking one of the original ones from the 80's - you will spot the similarities. First, Anna is soft and cuddly like a baby doll. She has a tiny little nose like cabbage patch dolls do. She has an outie. And - if you turn your doll over, you will see an Xavier Roberts stamp in the exact same place Anna has a little red birthmark!
I never had a real cabbage patch doll as a child - so God sent me a live one as an adult! =)

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