Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will It Flush?

Paige, my high-spirited, curious, independent, and often mischievous middle child, has a new take on David Letterman's 'Will It Float?"
Paige has been playing 'Will It Flush?' Here is a list of some the items I have either plucked out or plunged on through over the past couple of days....

- half a roll of toilet paper (Plunge)
- My Little Pony: Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash (Plucked - Though I am willing to bet Pinkie Pie would have made it through)
- Graham Crackers (Flush -- no plunging required)
- A Sock (Plucked -- but am pretty sure it would have plunged)
- Rubber Duckies (Plucked -- and they float!)

Stay tuned for future episodes of "Will It Flush?"

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