Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna!!! (Part 2)

Happy 1st Birthday Anna!!!

I can't believe it has been a year already! I remember Anna's birth and the pediatrician telling us she has Down syndrome like it just happened. Can my little angel be 1 already?

So much has happened over the past year. God has blessed us in so many ways through Anna. It hasn't always been easy, but God has been true to his promise and has provided for us when we were in need. We are so lucky to have Anna.

Lately, when people ask me how old Anna is, they often follow up with, "Oh, is she walking yet?" Not wanting to be a negative Nellie, I usually just smile and say, "Not yet, but soon." (Soon, of course, being a very subjective word) With Anna, it could be very easy to dwell on the things that she is not yet doing that a typical 1-yr. old should be doing. Instead, I am going to focus on the positive. Below is a list of things that Anna can and does do (and by no means a complete list). You will see what an amazing miracle she really is....

Anna can:
- bang blocks together
- make a kissing sound
- roll across the room to get to something that she wants
- stretch her right leg out past a 90 degree angle
- scream very loudly
- splash in the bathtub
- slurp down a whole bottle then belch like a trucker
- play peek-a-boo
- sound like a car with a bad starter
- blow messy raspberries when eating
- eat most anything that is soft enough or mushed enough
- drink from a cup with support under her chin
- pull a toy toward her so she can play with it
- giggle when you squeeze her ribs when applying lotion
- sit on a step stool with feet on the floor
- get up on all fours and rock back and forth
- inchworm backwards
- pull all the animals down off the back of her crib
- turn her music box on and off and on and off and on and off
- pivot all around in both directions on her belly
- sit unsupported
- sleep through the night 7-7
- recognize her Mommy and Daddy and reach for them
- be easily entertained by watching Maggie run around
- rip her socks off in record time
- reach into a container and pull out an object
- grab anything left unprotected on her high chair tray and throw it on the ground
- warm your heart with her enormous smile
- break your heart when she is sad or upset
- remind you each day that God is so Good!


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  1. Yeah Anna! Hope you are having a Happy Birthday!