Friday, April 24, 2009

More Therapy - 4/24/09

We had two therapy sessions this week, yesterday and today, to make up for missing last week and the week before.

Yesterday's session was also an IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) meeting where we set new goals and recommend new therapy for Anna. Starting next week (or the next), Anna will be getting therapy 2X/week. Ms. Jeannette will continue working with Anna on all skills - gross motor, fine motor and speech. The new therapist, Ms. Cynthia, will be really focusing on speech and fine motor skills and self-help skills (like eating, etc.).

We are adding the additional therapy because of all areas, Anna is most delayed in speech and fine motor skills. In fact, the OT that came to do Anna's assessment reported that Anna is at about 5 month skill level with sporadic 8 month skills.

Ugh! It is one thing to know that Anna has delays, but is quite another to see them qualified in such terms. I would be lying if I didn't say that the report from the OT took a little wind out of our sails. But, we know that God is at work, so we have to trust and be patient.

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