Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outside - That's Where It's At!

I haven't posted in awhile because I have been outside enjoying the summer-like weather. Today it is back to being Spring, so I am back indoors.

We haven't been up to much - but have somehow remained busy. This past weekend we went 'garage-saling' as our town was having its annual town-wide garage sale. (A lot of people with a lot of junk! ha! ha!) We also did a lot of playing outside, working outside, cooking and eating outside, giving the dog a bath outside =). Outside -- that's where it's at! (Those are lyrics from one of the kids' songs)

We have recently made our outside more comfortable by adding a 'conversation set' of patio furniture. I have enjoyed sitting in my 'outdoor living room' and enjoying a beverage and just relaxing.

And - completely unrelated to being outside -- but here are a few pics of Paige's new haircut. So cute (and curly?)!

And I would be remissed without a picture of the Pants =)

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