Friday, April 10, 2009

Present for Anna

Anna's 1st birthday is fast approaching. Next Wednesday, April 15 (Tax day!), our little angel will be one!

Charlie, Paige and I have been talking about what we should get Anna for her first birthday. Paige thinks she needs a pony. Charlie thinks we should get her a big dump truck like we got for Hudson. I have been leaning towards a doll of some sort. That is what we got for Paige when she turned one -- her very first baby doll.

Someone had once suggested to me the idea of a 'down syndrome doll', or a doll that has typical characteristics of children with down syndrome (almond shaped eyes, low-set ears, shorter fingers, etc.). The idea is that these dolls will give children with Ds something to identify with, rather than typical dolls.

I wasn't sold on the idea - I have never been a fan of labeling and categorizing children - especially based on appearances and disabilities, but I was curious...

Here are the dolls I found online. To put it bluntly...I was very disappointed by these dolls. They look nothing like any of the children with down syndrome that I have seen. In fact, I feel as though these dolls do nothing but promote negative stereotypes of children with Ds. And to have an option of a 'tongue protruding' or 'closed mouth' doll just really irked me.

I don't know - maybe I am all wrong on the subject, but I would rather give Anna a 'typical' doll because she is far more 'typical' than not (not just in physical features, either). I mean really - does Paige look like the Cabbage Patch doll (or the Barbie) that we bought her? Nope! But Anna sure does!! =)


  1. what about this site...

  2. Lori, I totally agree with you. Don't buy her one of those dolls. Anna is far cuter than any of those dolls.