Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Therapy - 4/1/09

Anna had a therapy session today to make up for the one we missed last Friday while we were in Arizona.

Today Anna worked on sitting on a bench - reaching down for toys and coming back up without losing her balance. She did really well at this.

She worked on trying to move forward. Anna doesn't put a lot of effort into to trying to learn how to move forward - she would rather grunt at us. Ms. Jeannette thinks that as soon as she decides to do it, she will be off and going.

And we practiced drinking from a cup and eating. Anna is doing much better with eating. She can eat and mash most foods that I give her (what you would give any 1-yr. old), but she is still not able to feed herself finger foods. She did a good job of drinking from an open cup with her chin supported. Ms. Jeannette was quite pleased.

All in all a good session!

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