Monday, May 18, 2009

And the Word is - Surgery

Nothing serious, fortunately. But surgery, nonetheless.

Anna has a clogged tear duct in her right eye. Our trip to the pediatric opthamologist today revealed that her clogged duct has not gotten any better (in fact, it has gotten worse), and that the answer is surgery.

Most babies who have clogged tear ducts clear up on their own by the time they are 1. If they do not clear on their own, then surgery is recommended because the chances of them clearing on their own greatly decrease.

They recommend doing surgery before 18 mos because the success rate of the surgery drops off dramatically after that.

Clogged tear ducts are troublesome because they often cause infections.

The surgical procedure is only about 15 minutes, but Anna will have to be completely sedated for it.

So, we are waiting to hear our surgery date, and praying that Anna's eye heals on its own before then!


  1. Hopefully that tear duct will unclog on its own. My son had that problem too when he was born but it cleared up when he was around 10 months old or so. He did have surgery to get ear tubes though and that was a 10-15 minute procedure as well. If Anna does have to have it surgically fixed, have her favorite blankie or toy ready when she comes to from the anesthesia. I don't remember if milk or food was ok after surgery. Best to ask your doctor. Take care!

  2. Surgery is surgery and so I sympathize with the concern. My daughter too will be having eye surgery later this summer, that too is nothing serious but something we wish she didn't need. We will keep you and your daughter in our prayers and do hope it will clear up on its own first, but if not that the surgery will go smoothly.

  3. Ahhh I hope it goes well! Kennedy had that surgery done too when she was about a year old.