Friday, May 1, 2009

Brutus Moves In

Paige's birthday is on Monday (May 4). She will be 3.

We had no idea what to get Paige for her birthday. She has plenty of clothes. We have more toys than we have storage space. And she is too young to enjoy or understand tickets to a show or something of the sort.

We decided to get Paige a fish. Jonathan and Charlie both got fishing poles for their birthdays, so it only seemed fitting for Paige to get a fish =) After much discussion with the guy at PetsMart, we decided that a Beta fish was the best solution - low maintenance, and within our price range.

So, meet Brutus! He is the newest member of our family and we think he really likes his new home.

Look forward to more (fish)tales of Brutus. I am sure there will be many stories of how Paige tried to pick him up out of his tank, or how she thought he looked hungry and therefore fed him the whole food container, etc. And then, there is certain to be the story about how we have to explain to Paige and Charlie about death. --- What were we thinking getting a fish?!

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