Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Updates: Paige, Therapy, Brutus

Paige: Growing Fast!
This morning Paige had her 3-year check-up with the doctor. As predicted, she is fit as a fiddle weighing in at 32 lbs and just over 37 inches (50th percentile for both - for those wondering). She can officially ride the rides at the carnival (36 inches being the minimum)!

Paige also asked the doctor for a glove to help her stop sucking her thumb =). The doctor found this to be quite funny and said if she thought it would help, he would be happy to give her a glove. In fact he gave her two - one for each hand.

In addition to stopping sucking her thumb, now that she is 3, Paige has decided that it is time to be Pull-up free! We have been three days now with no pull-ups at naptime or bedtime! Go Paige!

Therapy: Stuck
Anna had therapy this morning. She was grumpy because she got up early this morning, but we worked her anyway.

How is Anna doing? In a word - Stuck. She seems to be at the same place she was about 2 months ago. It is common for children to hit developmental plateaus, and then explode forward again, but it is frustrating to wait out those in-between times.

Ms. Jeannette said to me today that if Anna isn't crawling, or at least moving forward, by the time of our next IFSP (due up in mid-June), then she is going to recommend PT services for Anna - meaning, she will be getting 3 therapies each week.

We are also working really hard on getting her hold her own bottle or cup, as well as finger-feeding herself.

Praying for Patience!

Brutus: Signs of Improvement
Brutus is showing signs of improvement. He is swimming around more and seems all around more lively.

As per the instructions on multiple websites, we changed his water, and have not fed Brutus for the past two days. We have also tried to feed him a pea, but Brutus wasn't interested. We will try to feed him a pea again tomorrow and change his water again.

Hopefully he will be fully recovered soon!

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