Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party Time!

Yesterday was a great day! We celebrated Anna's first birthday (4/15), Paige's 3rd birthday (5/4), and Jonathan's birthday (4/30).

I decided on a joint party this year, and will probably continue in like fashion until Paige gets old enough for a 'friends' party - something we have decided in our family will not happen until the kids get into at least kindergarten. We had a small family celebration for Anna on her actual day, Jonathan and I went to dinner to celebrate on his actual day, and I am sure we will do something special for Paige tomorrow, which is her actual day.

So, yesterday we had our family, minus Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Joel =(, over for a day of fun. The main attraction was the carnival. We told Paige that the carnival was just for her birthday which she thought was just awesome! Wasn't that clever of me to get the town to host a carnival just for her =)

Anyway - we had a lot of fun. We were blessed with great weather despite the ominous forecast. God gifted us with sunshine and warmth. The kids (Paige, Charlie, and cousin Eliza) rode a lot of rides (ferris wheel, roller coaster, giant slide, obstacle course, etc.), and wore themselves out.

Back at home we ate lots of food, opened presents, and had the traditional birthday cake and ice-cream.

I had fun! I hope (and think) everyone else did too! =)

And, in typical fashion, we took way too many pictures. Below are a few of my favorites, but click on this link to see all of them.

A few other noteworthy events from yesterday...
- Not related to the birthday party, but yesterday morning we signed Charlie up to play soccer in the Fall. He is very excited, and I can't believe he is old enough to play organized soccer already.
- Paige accidentally let two of her helium filled balloons go outside. I have never seen her so devestated before as she stood there watching her balloons drift higher and higher. In an attempt to stop her tears, I convinced her that the balloons would catch a ride on a passing airplane to Grandma's house in Arizona. This was a very exciting thought. It is a good thing Grandma called today to let us know that she found a pink and a purple balloon - which she will return the next time she comes to visit. =)

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  1. Too cute and go Grandma! Sounds like you have a whole birthday season at your house! I'm glad you enjoyed the day!