Thursday, May 7, 2009

School Days Will Be Starting Soon!

Today was a big day for Charlie. We officially registered him for Kindergarten starting in the Fall.

At orientation today, Charlie got to meet all the Kindergarten teachers. They did a craft and had a snack. Charlie is very excited about going to school next year and wishes he could start today.

The parents also got to meet the Kindergarten teachers. We also met the principal, the school nurse and the president of the PTA. I, too, am very excited for Charlie to go to school -- but I can wait until Fall =)

This morning I met with Charlie's pre-school teacher for a parent-teacher conference. She had nothing but wonderful things to say about Charlie. I laughed because she said one of Charlie's strengths is his sense of humor...which we agree. We think he is hilarious -- we just weren't sure if other people 'got' him. Also, I mentioned to her how Charlie is learning to read, so she gave me a First Readers book to practice. He is supposed to bring it back to school and he can read to/with the teacher and get a certificate. Then she will give him another book. Charlie likes this idea a lot. He makes us so proud! =)


  1. Yay, Charlie!

    I love the comments you posted on my blog about the Ds termination rate. It never occured to me to give my contact info at a CPC! That's a super idea!

  2. Hi Lori. I was looking for an email address to email you but couldn't find it so I hope you don't mind me posting a comment here instead. I read your comment on Tara's blog. I loved your analogy of babies with a pre-natal diagnosis of disability and kids becoming disabled due to any kind of accident. To me, that certainly puts things into perspective.
    I'm following your blog now too. Anna is so cute!!