Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Therapy: PT Evaluation...grrrrrrr

Ugh! I hate assessments and evaluations. As I have said before, it is one thing to know your child has developmental delays - it is quite another to see them quantified and qualified in terms of developmental months and skills.

Today we had a PT assessment for Anna (as per state requirements when adding a service), and it did not go well.

First of all, the lady who came to do the eval is not my favorite person. She has been here on two other occassions - she did Anna's initial assessment for her first IFSP a year ago, and she was here to instruct me on infant massage. Each time she was here, there was no warm fuzzy within 10 miles. Though I am sure she is competent and great at what she does -- her bedside manner is lacking.

Anyway, not more than a couple minutes into the assement, Anna started to whine and fuss a little, and the therapist says, "Oh my, what a fake cry. Does that get you what you want around here? I certainly hope not. If so, then that needs to stop right away." -----Seriously?!? Did she just come in here and tell me that my child is not developing more quickly because she thinks I spoil her?!

- And this continued throughout the session. Little remarks about what a faker Anna is and how she is not going to give in like Mommy does.

Grrrr....and to top it off, her assessment is that Anna is at about 6-7 months developmentally (she is 13 months old). Like I said, it is one thing to know they are delayed - a little harder to swallow when you see hard numbers like that.

I just feel like Anna has been stuck in one place for about 4 months, and that one day soon - she is going to bust out and do everything we have been working on all at once. It is just getting very frustrating and I am finding it hard to not cry my eyes out after each therapy session. And then, to have that lady come in here and tell me in not so many words that her delays are compounded by my spoiling her!

What am I going to go do right now? You guessed it! I am going to go hold, snuggle and absolutely spoil my little angel rotten!


  1. Grrr!! If Matthew had a therapist like that, I think I'd request for someone else. She may be competent and knowledgeable in PT, but she sure needs to brush up on social skills. I wonder how she would react if you told her that what she said about the fake cry just doesn't sit well with you. She may mean it as trying to be funny, but obviously it's not funny if no one is laughing. Can you talk to your service coordinator about this or her supervisor if it really irks you? Just a thought.

    As far as feeling stuck, hang in there! I know that feeling all too well. It's very frustrating but just keep at it. Anna is absorbing everything you are teaching her. And yes, one day she will surprise you with everything that she's been absorbing. It just takes a while. I've learned to view it as a marathon, not a sprint. Everything you do for Anna now, everything you teach her will give her more choices in the future than she would otherwise have if you weren't putting in all the hours of hard work. Hang in there! You're doing a great job.

  2. Ugh I HATE evals too!! I don't even let them tell me the numbers anymore. It's just not important. WE know what our babies CAN do and that's what matters. One day Anna will just take off developmentally and you'll sit and watch in awe! LOL That's what happens with Kennedy... peaks and valleys... hang in there!