Monday, May 11, 2009

Will SHE Flush?

I do not understand my daughter's fascination with the toilet!

I have mentioned before how Paige likes to put things in the toilet to see if they will flush (see link). And I have mentioned that nothing good can happen behind closed doors (see link).

But, have I mentioned that nothing good can happen behind closed, and locked, bathroom doors with Paige on the other side doing something in the toilet?

After lunch I sent Paige upstairs to go potty and get in bed for her nap, as per our usual routine. A few minutes later I went up to give her a kiss and tuck her in only to find her locked in the bathroom. I get the key and open the door. I knew I should have had a camera ready because what I found was too funny....Paige was giving herself a swirly!!

I am sure it was 'clean' swirly, but a bath and full-body cleansing were administered promptly.


  1. *LOL* Sorry, I had to laugh, that is so very funny! I mean we have gone through the standard fascination with flushing too and have had to remove our toilet to retrieve a lost (and probably very frightened) rubber duck that was backing the toilet up. But no, I haven't caught any of my children giving themselves a swirly!! At least not yet anyway...

  2. That's hilarious! We've not had any self-imposed swirlies, either. However, one week, my husband did have to remove the toilet off of it's base to retrieve a toy on two different occasions.