Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All By Herself!

Anna continues to show us new skills she is learning each day.

After weeks and months of fretting about Anna being in a holding pattern developmentally, it is such a joy and relief to see her progress over the past couple of weeks.

In addition to waving and babbling, Anna has also finally learned to finger feed herself! Again, a small step for most typically developing babies, but a huge step for Anna, and for most other children with Ds.

I love it that now I can place Anna in her highchair with a handful of Gerber puffs on her tray while I finish making dinner. When I look over at her, she is giggling and smiling, and obviously so proud and excited that she can get them into her mouth all by herself :)

Also, I was finally guilted into getting new shoes for Anna. Oh, they are so cute -- but so expensive! They got full approval from her physical therapist, though, so we will go with it. With her new shoes on, Anna is practicing putting weight on her feet. We practice standing and sitting on a bench. I am sure it will be no time before Anna is surprising us by standing all by herself!


  1. She is sooo cute! Love her new pincer grasp. What a skill! Go, Anna!

  2. Great job using that pincer grasp! She is such a cute little girl!

  3. Nice work baby girl. Daddy is proud!

  4. Great job Anna!! I love her shoes.

  5. By the way, you have an award on my blog.