Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Shoes: Function Over Form (What?!)

Anna had her first PT session today.

It was at 3 pm, which really isn't a great time for Anna because usually she is only about 45 minutes into her 1.5 hour nap. But, we went with it anyway because our schedule for the rest of the week is a bit crazy.

It took Anna a good 20 minutes to warm up to Ms. Catherine, but when she finally did, she was quite the trooper and worked very hard. Ms. Catherine even had Anna bearing weight on her legs and doing some supported standing.

One suggestion that the therapist did have for us was that we need to get Anna a good pair of supportive shoes. She thought the ones Anna had on were cute and all, but that we need to think about function over form, for at least a little while anyway - until she is walking really well.

What?! It is summer! Who wears shoes at all?

And I am cheap. I normally buy my kids' shoes at Payless or Target or Wal-mart. I think it is a splurge to buy shoes at Kohl's.

So, I am on a mission to find supportive shoes that are not only affordable (come on -- $45 for a pair of Stride Rite shoes?), but cute -- any suggestions?

Oh -- and I am so excited --- I found Baby Legs at Target!! I can't wait to make my next daily trip to Target and see what they have in the store :)

And finally, Anna's pre-op doctor's visit was all good today. She is set for her eye surgery on Friday.


  1. I'm cheap, too!!! Lol about splurging to buy shoes at Kohls! :) Obviously, I have no advice for you. Sorry! I truly hate socks and my life's goal is to move somewhere that my kids can wear flip-flops year round.

  2. I'm a Target person myself but with Matthew's wide and thick feet, I've given in and gotten him a pair of New Balance Shoes. I'm not sure if they're in the same price range as Stride Rite or just a tad cheaper. All PT's are different as far as whether they would want kids in shoes or not. Our PT says it's good to alternate. She says the New Balance shoes are fine for him. And she suggested a few activities for strengthening his ankles in learning to walk. I blogged about it in These Shoes Are Made for Walkin'. It may or may not help but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case. Also, my sister-in-law says she has had good luck with kid shoes from They also have a good return policy. I haven't shopped there myself but I have looked at their selection and they have so many brands to choose from.