Monday, June 29, 2009

The Great Campout 2009

This weekend we went camping. 'We' being me, Jonathan, Charlie, and Paige. Also includes Uncle Joel and Aunt Kathleen, and the Lamours (friends we know from church).

Anna stayed with her Grammy and Papa and received the royal treatment. After shedding a few initial tears for her Mommy, they said that Anna was a 'dream child' -- as if I didn't already know that :) We missed her as soon as she left and couldn't wait to see her when they brought her back.

We are not 'hard-core' campers. We do sleep in tents and don't do the water or electric hookups, but we bring just about every other amenity from home to the campsite with us.

This was the first time camping for Charlie and Paige. In the weeks leading up to our camping trip, the most exciting part of the expectant camping trip was 'going pee in the woods'. Not fishing, not sleeping in a tent, not the campfire and S'mores -- but going pee in the woods. I am glad to say that they were not disappointed in the experience. Fortunately, they were equally as thrilled, if not more so, by the other activities of the weekend.
The men went fishing one morning. Charlie caught his first fish! He was very excited about it and is ready to start telling 'fish tales'.
The girls rented a paddle boat and goofed around on the lake. Basically we went in circles because Paige wanted to steer-- and well, need I say more? We did have fun, though.

We also did some swimming at the beach.
And, the tent and campfire did not disappoint the kids either. Neither did playing with the flashlights and the Lamour kids.
This was also Aunt Kathleen's first time camping. In the weeks leading up to the campout, I think Kathleen's biggest fear was the wildlife -- from bugs to bears. Though we didn't see a bear (other campers did), the bugs, in particular the mosquitos, were out in full force. Poor Charlie is literally covered from head to toe in bites.

Fortunately, it takes more than a few bugs to ruin a good time -- and I think that is exactly what Kathleen had! I am not sure she is ready to go camping again next week (neither am I), but maybe in September, or at least next summer. Overall, it was a great family weekend! Tiring and dirty (we had a little bit of rain - but nothing devasting) - but a lot of fun!

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  1. Looks like a nice family outing! We love camping although we tend to use the pop up more than our tents. It gets very humid here and we like the luxury of the air conditioning during the summer. Kuddos for doing the "real" camping!