Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Keep Swimming...Just Keep Swimming

According to the calendar, Summer is just a few days away. According to the thermometer, it is still weeks, if not months, away!

This week Charlie and Paige are taking swim lessons from Ms. Teri. They go at 10:30 in the morning - rain, shine, or freezing weather! Yesterday it was a chilly 62 deg. for their lessons. Fortunately, the pool is heated. They were purple by the time they were through!

This is Paige's first time taking lessons. Charlie took lessons 2 years ago, but he was still a bit too young. He was timid and was reluctant to try what his instructor asked. But, what a difference this year! Charlie is jumping right in, going underwater, kicking and scooping his arms, and trying very hard to do everything that Ms. Teri asks him to do. Paige is also trying very hard, but her attention span is a bit shorter because she is still young. She is doing very well, though, and I imagine that in two years' time she will be swimming like a fish!

One exercise that Ms. Teri has Charlie and Paige doing is stepping through 'Bob'. Bob is really just a big hoop with nylon flaps on it that make it look like a fish. Anyway, Ms. Teri holds Bob, and Charlie and Paige have to go through the hoop. To do this, they have to go under the water a bit. Paige kind of just steps through the hoop. But today, Charlie actually swam through the hoop! He swam underwater through the hoop! He was very, very proud of himself! (and so was Mom!)

Anyway, our last lesson is on Friday. I am so glad that the kids are enjoying their lessons, and are not afraid of the water. Maybe I will get that pool membership this year after all....if Summer ever gets here, that is!

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  1. awesome to see them loving the water.

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