Monday, June 22, 2009

Man's Best Friend

He was a scrawny little rat-dog.
He had bad breath.
He begged incessantly while we dined.
He tore into unopened packages of food and devoured the entire contents.
He barked at every little noise - waking the babies from their naps.
He bit my son.
He bit Bea.

We can say a lot of rotten things about Cosmo -- but despite all those things, we all loved that little dog beyond belief.

He was such a cute little dog with his floppy ears. He loved to curl up in your lap, and enjoyed warming himself in the sun coming through the windows.

He was smart and could perform many tricks that Kathleen taught him. My personal favorite was 'play shy'.

He was my companion during those many months that I searched for a job.

But, mostly, he was the first beloved dog of my husband and his family.

We are all sad to say Goodbye to Cosmo. Man's Best Friend doesn't get much finer.


  1. I'm sorry :(. It's so hard to say goodbye to a loved pet.

  2. You can tell he was loved very much. Sorry for your loss.