Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yellow Car....

...Missed It!

If you have ridden in the car with my kids recently, then you have been a part of this game.

Basically, it goes like this...If you see a yellow car, then you shout out, "Yellow Car!" Then the other passengers in the car try to find the yellow car too.

An odd game, yes - but Charlie and Paige have fun with it.

It started by the fact that Charlie's favorite color is yellow. There is often a yellow car parked on the street on the way out of our neighborhood, and the kids made a game out of pointing it out. Anyway - it soon turned into a game of pointing out every yellow car or truck or bike or trailer or bus that they see.

Jonathan and I have made our own game out of it. We like to spot the yellow vehicle, but wait until the last minute to say, 'Yellow car'. The kids search around frantically, but when they are unable to spot the car in time...then we say, "Missed it!"

Oh, yeah -- good times in the car!

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