Monday, July 20, 2009

15-Month Check-up

Today I took Anna for her 15-month well-visit with her pediatrician.

Overall, it was a good appointment. She weighed in at 20lbs and was 30.25 in. long. For anyone keeping track...on the special Down syndrome growth charts, that is 80% in weight and off the charts in height (19% and 66% respectively on regular charts). Her head circumference is 43%, which I giggle at because all of my kids have small heads - even Paige, whom we always joke about having a big head.

Anyway, over the past 3 months, Anna has actually lost weight - or at least has not gained any. The doctor was not necessarily concerned, but did ask us to come in again in a month for a weight check. Her lack of weight gain can easily be attributed to a number of factors:

1) Anna is a lot more active, and is now army crawling all over place. In fact, I can't even set her down in the sitting position anymore. She locks her hips and back, and refuses to sit -- she wants to be prone on the ground so she can explore. :)

2) Anna's milk (and all liquids in general) consumption is way down. We switched from bottles to sippy and straw cups, so she doesn't drink as much. Also, she has been cutting her top four front teeth for what seems like forever now.

3) Anna is feeding herself now - well, mostly anyway. So, it is possible that she is not getting as much in her belly as it appears by what is missing from her plate. Just take a look in her chair when she is done and you can see she 'misfired' a number of times. :)

Anna's pedi. did encourage me to go ahead and get Anna's blood work done. Here in NJ they 'recommend' all children get a lead screen at 1 yr. I never did Charlie's or Paige's - I didn't see the point. But, the doctor thinks it is good idea to get Anna's blood work, not necessarily for lead levels, but for other baselines, such a platelet count, etc.

I did have a conversation with the pedi. about Anna's neurologist appointment, and the recommended 24-hr EEG. The doctor encouraged that the test was not a complete waste of time; however, she said that it wasn't urgent (in that, we don't think Anna is getting worse) so we could wait a month or two and reevaluate at that point.

And finally, I know some other people out in blogland were wondering about this as well, I asked about when to turn Anna's car seat around. For Anna, our pediatrician recommends leaving her rear-facing for "as long as she will stand it". Anna is just now 20 lbs, and is comparatively weaker than her peers. So, as long as Anna is not fussy about it, then keep her facing the back until she meets the manufacturer's weight guidelines (which I believe is 30 lbs for our specific seat).

So - we will let you know how the blood work turns out, and give an update on her weight gain next month.


  1. Sounds like Anna is doing very well. I bet the lack of weight gain is a combination of all of thre above. She's doing so much... that's great!

  2. Ella's weight gain has slowed down the last few months as well. She hasn't lost but has barely gained a pound in this time period. The doctor hasn't been concerned either and I attribute it to being more active as well.

  3. Carly also seemed to slow way down growth wise right around this same age. Actually, Carly was 2 1/2 yrs old and weighed 20 1/2lbs. She is still tiny to this day. Sound like Anna is doing quite well to me.

  4. Sounds like Anna is doing well. Matthew's weight gain slowed down considerably too between his 12-month and 15-month well check. We went to the pediatrician last week for a sick visit and Matthew had only gained 7 oz since his 15-month well appointment, for the same reasons you cited in your post (except for self-feeding). He's 21 months old now. Overall though, the doctor says he looks like he's in good health. Anyway, I hope the bloodwork went well. I always dislike bloodwork for Matthew because he's such a hard stick. The med tech can never seem to find his veins.