Friday, July 31, 2009

Be Back Next Week!

We have officially checked out of reality for the next week as we enjoy a nice, quiet (ha!) family vacation up in Maine.

I will catch back up in a couple of weeks!



  1. I just found your blog from a post you put on mine. So glad you found us. Your family is darling!!!! Hope you don't mind if I follow.

  2. We will be in New Hampshire starting the third. Have a great time. We wanted to go to Maine too but it didn't work. Enjoy!

  3. Have a relaxing time! We are headed to the mountains of NC on the lake. I'm suppose to be packing since we are leaving early, but I needed a brain break. It's that last minute stuff. I can't think anymore.

  4. Have a wonderful vacation!

  5. Hope your vacation is going well!

    Hooray! You are the winner to the crayon keeper. Email me your address when you get back and I will send it out.