Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Keep Reading...Just Keep Reading...

Our local library has a summer reading program for children (as I am sure most libraries do). The kids keep track of how many hours they read, and they can win prizes. The summer reading program had an Under the Sea theme this year. Prizes included stuffed animals, beach balls, necklaces, and other various beach related toys.

When I explained this to Charlie - he was all about it. He took his little chart and a marker, and sat down with about 12 books. It was really cute to see him so excited about reading.

Paige was also excited. She can't read, but she sat and thumbed through book after book -- which the librarian told me counted for pre-readers.

We also have read at least one book each night before going to bed.

Anyway - Charlie and Paige both filled their charts and earned enough points to win some really cool prizes. But, what did they choose? A pinchy-shark which is certain to be taken away by the end of the day due to improper use and abuse, and a stuffed animal (like we need any more of those!). But, they are very excited about them - but more importantly - they earned them!

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  1. They look so proud holding their prizes! We've been going to the library every week so that Caroline can reach her reading goal.