Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Funny Kids

Okay - my kids are funny.
They are a lot to keep up with -- but they are funny.

When they aren't fighting with each other, or whining about something ridiculous - they can really be quite endearing. Here are just a few of examples of the cute/funny things that they do.

Mary and Donkey: I am guessing that they got the idea for this game as we were talking about Christmas. We told them that Mary rode on the back of a donkey to Bethlehem. You will hear Paige ask, "Hey, Chawlie. Do you want to play Mary and Donkey?" Paige usually plays the part of Mary, and Charlie is usually the donkey. Paige sits on Charlie's back as he tries to crawl across the floor. I have no idea why this is fun.

Pirate and Princess: Charlie and Paige pretend the playgym is a ship, and the pirates are looking for treasure. The pirates also like to capture the princess. The only problem is, Paige wants to be a pirate - not a princess. Where is Cousin Eliza when you need her? She is always willing to be the princess :)

Play Cars While Watching Cars: He has always liked the movie, but suddenly Cars has become Charlie's latest fetish. Not only does he want to watch the movie all the time, but he wants to play with his Cars cars while he watches. He reinacts the movie with his cars. We have a little Cars playmat that has Radiator Springs and a racetrack on it. During the race scene, Charlie will line the cars up on the track -- in the order that they are in movie. Then he will crash all the cars and pretend that Lightning McQueen is springboarding off an overturned car. Then he will have Chick Hicks getting stuck in the pits. Ah -- it is really funny to watch him. My favorite part, though, is when he makes Mater drive backwards :) - And speaking of Mater driving backwards, it is not uncommon to see Charlie and Paige walking backwards and singing a little song they made up that goes something like this: " I know where I'm going. I can see where I've been."

Play Dress up with Babies: Okay - this really isn't odd - but it is cute. Paige has about four baby dolls that she likes to play with. She likes to undress them and then bring them to me to re-dress. This happens, oh, 20 times a day.

Campout: Another favorite. Charlie and Paige set up camp in their room. They get out their sleeping bags. They bring in their chairs from the playroom and set them up in front of the 'campfire' - a.k.a. the nightlight. They survive multiple bear attacks (Each stuffed bear has to attack, and then become a friend with whom they share food). Fun -- but messy game. Their room is a complete disaster after campout!

Dog Food Dash: This is Anna's latest game...I mean, annoying habit. First, she fusses until she gets to be on the floor. Then, when the coast is clear, she makes a beeline for the dog food. Seriously - what is it about babies and dog food? :)

Ahh - I love my crazy kids!!


  1. haha! that's too funny and cute! I'm glad Matthew hasn't been interested in Yuri's (our cat's) food yet.

  2. Too cute, I love Mary and the Donkey, Anna is so funny, my kids all ate cat food.

  3. Sorry, I have to laugh. My little guy used to chaw on the dog food (he's soooo fast!), but now just turns the dog's water bowl over. Maybe he's decided the dog's food isn't so tasty. I love all the games your kids do. Cute!