Friday, July 10, 2009

Playgym Party!

We got our kids a new playgym. The old one was here when we moved in, and was, therefore, who knows how old. The wood was beginning to rot, and it was quickly becoming unsafe.

After much deliberation about whether to repair the old playgym, build a new one, or buy one (and then, which one to buy), we finally decided on the All-American Palace from Rainbow.

Charlie and Paige were so excited about their new playgym that we decided to have a 'Playgym Party'. We invited a couple of the neighbor kids over to play. Then we grilled hotdogs, ate watermelon, and enjoyed some frozen treats.

Really? Does it get much better than that for a kid?

Mr. Rainbow

Charlie gives his approval

Thanks for grilling, Mr. Valentine!

Too young to play, but enjoying the party anyway!

Finally! My turn!!


  1. Oh that play set is so COOL!!!

  2. Very fun!! When can we come???

  3. What a great play set, good choice.I am loving Anna's big smile in the last picture on the swing.!

  4. Looks like fun! Anna is precious! What a doll baby!

  5. much fun! And you have wonderful grass! Since we have so many pines, it is hard to get nice thick grass. We have plenty of pinecones!

    Love that big smile too!