Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Countdown is On!

Only 6 more days until school starts!

Today we got to go visit Charlie's classroom and meet his teacher, Mrs. T (or so that is how I will refer to her). She was very nice and welcoming.

Charlie was very excited about his classroom. He and Paige had a fun time exploring all the neat things there are to look at, play with, listen to, etc. There is a little reading corner and loads of books, 4 or 5 computers, lots and lots of art supplies, and Charlie's favorite - Legos!

There will be 20 students in his class. I don't think we know any of his classmates - so there will be lots of new friends!

After visting Charlie's classroom, I took Charlie and Paige for back-to-school haircuts. They were both very excited to get their haircut -- not sure if they actually like the process, or the lollipop better. Either way, they are both looking sharp for their first day!


  1. I did the countdown as well. This week was their first week back and the house has been so quiet. :-) Hope the school year goes well for everyone.

  2. Looks like we're all in countdown mode!

  3. Enjoy the last days of summer! Ours ended this past Tues. and I'm already thinking summer can't get here fast enough! Well at least for me:-)