Monday, August 24, 2009

Healthy! says the doctor. Praise the Lord!

I took Anna in for a weight check today. At her 15-month check-up, Anna had not gained any weight from her 12-month check-up. So, the pediatrician requested that we bring her in for a weight check a month later. Anna weighed in at a whopping 21 lb. 15 oz. today -- up almost two pounds from last month! Actually, I am shocked that it wasn't more. Anna eats like a horse!

The doctor also told us that all of Anna's bloodwork came back normal...which I had already assumed since we had it done a month ago and we haven't heard from anyone.

I also had the doctor do a quick check on Anna's eyes. The picture below was taken while we were on vacation. You will notice that Anna has one red-eye and one white-eye. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Of course this alarmed me because the first thing I thought of was the story of the little girl who was diagnosed with retinoblastoma after having a similar picture taken (See Link)

But, the doctor checked them again, and didn't see anything of concern. She did recommend that we have her double-checked by her ophthamologist when we go for her follow-up in September.

And, Anna got her flu shot.

So, according to her pediatrician, Anna is very healthy, and is now innoculated so she will hopefully stay healthy this winter!


  1. Always a good feeling to hear everything is good after an appointment! Two pounds in a month! That's great. Keep up the good work Anna!

  2. Yay Anna!! Way to gain that weight. Ella weighed right around 22 pounds at 15 months so they are almost the same. She is just so stinkin cute!!! I hadn't heard the story about the two different colored eyes but that is kind of spooky!!