Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Killing Time

We haven't been up to much since getting back from vacation - which has been kind of nice since we are all fighting a nasty summer cold.

We have been over to our friends' pool a couple of time this week - it has been warm here. Yesterday we met some friends at the park for a picnic. Nothing overly exciting...We are basically just killing time until school starts for Charlie on Sept 2, and for Paige on Sept 10.

I can't believe Charlie is starting Kindergarten this year! He is getting so big, and looks so grown up - it is often hard to remember that he is just 5.

We found out the name of his teacher today. I have mixed feelings about his teacher assignment - only because someone (a trusted source who knows my son and the Kdg. teachers) told me the other day that she hopes he gets one of the other two teachers, NOT the one that he got. I am sure that the teacher he got is just fine, as all of them at our school come highly recommeded.

And Paige starts pre-school, Tu and Th mornings. I am very excited for Paige to go to school - and I am very interested to see how she behaves. She is bubbling over with excitement, but I think she is just as excited about getting her hair cut again before school starts - silly girl =)

So, what will Anna and I do with all of our time together? No plans yet, but I am thinking about signing her up for a music class. She will have therapy every other Thursday morning.

Speaking of therapy, Anna had two really great sessions this week. Despite having a major summer cold, she was smiley and cooperative (well, mostly). Anna has been doing a great job of bearing weight on her legs in PT. And she is starting to get the hang of putting objects back in to the container.

And that, my dear friends, is about it. Good times! =)

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  1. Andrew starts kindergarten this year too. I will have six hours alone with Emilia. She's going to end up spoiled rotten.
    Paige is adorable, don't all little girls love getting their hair cut.