Monday, August 24, 2009

Party Animals

Ha! Ha! Not really -- but we did enjoy a lovely evening among adults for a change.

Last Saturday, we ditched the kids with Jonathan's parents and headed to Boston for a wedding. It was a 'black tie optional' affair, so we got to get all dressed up in clothes that are not 'kid-friendly' - stains, no holes, neatly pressed, dangling jewelry, and high heels. Here is a picture of my handsome date and me.
It was a lovely event...classy, but not overdone. They really did a nice job and thought of every detail. The wedding was held at The International in Bolton, MA. Here is a picture of Jonathan and me overlooking the golf course.
Notice how shiney we was HOT and STICKY! I felt sorry for the men in their tuxes. I was in just a little dress and I was melting!

Sitting next to us at our table were our good friends, Judd and Elaine.
We are excited that they will be joining us on the Buddy Walk again this year.

And, here is a picture of the happy couple just after sealing the deal! Congratulations Rachel and Scott!

Anyway - we had a great time! We danced and enjoyed the company and conversation of adults until after mid-night. And, yes - I am still tired today. I am definitely getting old! =)


  1. What a handsome couple you are!! Please tell me the entire wedding wasn't outside????