Saturday, September 26, 2009

4 Scores!!

Charlie had a great time at soccer today! And we had a loads of fun watching him =)

Today during the scrimmage, Charlie had his friend Payton on his team. Payton is a little neighbor girl who was in Charlie's pre-school class. She has a little sister who is in Paige's class. We, therefore, see them all the time at school drop-off and pick-up.

Anyway -- Payton is a gamer! And together, Payton and Charlie made a pretty good team (not to mention that they are the two cutest kids out there!) Payton scored three goals and Charlie scored 1 (but missed 3 others by less than a foot). Charlie, however, wisely tells everyone that he and Payton scored 4 goals - leaving everyone to assume that they scored 2 each (smart kid!)

And yes, I know it does not matter how many goals your kid scores. We emphasize it's about having fun and playing nicely with the other kids. We, and he, would have had just as much fun if no goals were scored. But it sure is a lot more fun when you do well. We just hope that Payton is on our team next week also! =)

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