Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All Drains Lead to the Ocean

Today we bid farewell to Brutus.

He actually lived 3 months longer than we thought he would, as he was not well from the get-go. For the past couple of days he has been just laying on the bottom of the tank. We changed his water a couple of times in hopes of reviving him, but no such luck.

So, today we had a little ceremony for Brutus in the bathroom before we sent him off to 'sleep with the fishes'. We said a few nice words and sent him on his way.

The kids were surprisingly not upset about Brutus passing. Perhaps because they just recently watched Finding Nemo. I am pretty sure they believe that Brutus is happily on his way to the Ocean.

For those of you who never met Brutus - you didn't miss anything. He was a fish.


  1. That's funny that you posted this because we have a goldfish (from a carnival that my daughter brought home last week. I waited a day or two to see if he would live before I bought food. The thing doesn't swim, just sits there moving its fins and breathing like it is suffocating. Haven't seen it eat any food yet but ITS STILL ALIVE!!! I don't want to go buy a special bowl for it if it isn't going to live but jeez!! I wish we could send it to the ocean too!!! By the way...just viewed all of your photos from "The Littlest Hero"....beautiful!!! I signed up for it but haven't heard a word.

  2. Carly had a couple of fish that lasted 6 months. We were very surprised. The first two died and within a few days the last one died. I'd never known gold fish would live that long in the first place.

  3. Deep down, deep down below the part of me that is giggling at the visual of the toilet ceremony, a part of me is joining you in mourning the loss of sweet Brutus. Swim, swim, sweet Brutus...into your warm algae-laden fishie paradise...