Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Recap: Therapy, Ophthamologist, Kindergarten, Pre-school, New Venture

Now that school is back in session, life is a little bit busier and more settled at the same time. Routine is nice sometimes.

It was a busy week around here...lots going on. Here is a quick recap.

Therapy: Doing Well!
Anna did really well in therapy this week. She usually fusses the entire time during PT, but this week, she fussed little and actually seemed to put some effort into what her therapist was trying to get her to do. She is slowly bearing more weight on her legs each day.

During her session with Ms. Cynthia, Anna was a complete ham! She really had us cracking up with her little expressions. She is also starting to understand a lot more of what we are saying to her, and trying to do more imitating.

And she is finally starting to sign "More" to us!! Ok, it looks more like she is clapping than signing "more", but she definitely uses it when she is supposed to. She asked her daddy for more drink today. And yesterday she kept asking me for more playing. I will have to get some video soon!

Ophthamologist: Left eye - all clear, Right eye - not so much
I took Anna in to the ophthamologist yesterday to have her tear ducts looked at again. The left eye is clear, but the right eye still has some blockage. Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that her eye is getting worse - more gunk in the mornings and tearing a lot more. The doc. prescribed some more drops and give it two more weeks to see if it clears up any. If not, then we may have to repeat the tear duct probing procedure. (booo)

Also had the doc. check Anna's left eye in detail. I showed him the picture of Anna with one white eye and one red, and he agreed that he should dialate them and do a thorough exam on them. Good news - he did not find anything!

Kindergarten: Still loves it!
Charlie is still really enjoying Kindergarten, though I am not sure he quite yet understands that he has to go to school everyday. Ahhhh - a sad reality that he is growing up =) Here is a pic. of his project from the first week. (I know - I can't believe that Kindergarteners have homework, either!)

Pre-school: Great First Day!
Paige had a great first day of pre-school! She can't stop talking about it. In fact, I learned more from Paige about what goes on at pre-school in the 5-minute car ride home than I did in 2-years from Charlie! =)

New Venture: Somebody thinks I'm Smart! =)
And, I hope I don't prove them wrong.

I have taken on the project of tutoring a couple of high school students and prepping them for the SAT and PSAT. I haven't done tutoring in awhile, so I am a little rusty, but hopefully it should come back to me. Solving some of those math problems (a definite strong suit of mine in school) is a little difficult if you are out of practice. =)

Since becoming a full-time Stay-at-home mom, I often feel like people (not other SAHMs - people who have actual jobs where they get paid $) treat me like I am a complete idiot. Sometimes, it's as if I never graduated high school (let alone at the top of my class), or got a college degree or held a job. It is nice to have some validation again.

And that is about it! We were supposed to start soccer today, but rain has changed those plans. I think we are, instead, heading to the store to look for a mitre saw for our upcoming home improvement project (more on that later). Should be fun! =)

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  1. I wish you were closer to help Jarika with her Algebra II! I am of no help!