Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kindergarten Soccer: Quality Entertainment!

Today was Charlie's first day of soccer!

In our town, for Kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders they do a 10-week clinic as opposed to a league. They spend the first half hour teaching fundamental skills such as dribbling, stopping, etc. Then the last half hour they divide up into teams and play a scrimmage.

Anyone who has seen little kids' soccer knows what I am talking about when I say that the scrimmage is some good, quality, comedic entertainment!
All the kids run after the ball and just kick it with no regard to which direction their goal is or where the out of bounds line is. Two kids on the same team were fighting over the ball, and both of them were trying to score a goal in the wrong goal. Two little girls plopped down in the middle of the field and were picking grass. Another little girl ran off the field crying because she wasn't getting a turn. One dad thought his 5-year old was David Beckham (poor kid)....Yep! Comedy at its best!

Anyway, Charlie had fun - and that is really what it is all about at this age. Learn the basics, and have fun!

Paige and Anna were great cheerleaders! Paige practiced her skills on the sidelines while Charlie played.

Anna enjoyed the game so much that she completely wiped herself out. On the way home she crashed in the stroller -- check her out!

I am definitely looking forward to next week!


  1. Grab a coffee and enjoy the show! That was so funny, the pic of Anna on the bottom is hysterical!!Even her little arms are just hanging.

  2. Oh we love soccer in our house. Aidan (1st grade) started this year too. What a crack up to watch them chase that little ball around. Glad Charlie had fun, and what a rock star he is with 2 beautiful cheerleaders admiring him.
    I LOVE the pic of Anna in the stroller...still laughing.

  3. Ha Ha, yes it is quite funny watching the little budding the stars. I thouroughly enjoyed watching my son play basketball at that age as well. Those pics of Anna are quite hilarious as well ;)

  4. LOL I guess she did crash in the stroller. So cute.