Friday, September 4, 2009

School Pictures: It's About the Memories

So yesterday, Charlie came home with a brochure for school pictures. You know the one...choose a package, A, B, C, D, or F, and pray that your kid smiles pretty =)

Anyway, I was looking at the form and Jonathan informed me that we would not be buying school pictures each year for the children. I was dumbfounded. What?! Not buy school pictures? That's unAmerican!

I am not talking about getting the super deluxe package with 2-8x10's, 4-5x7's, 3-4x6's, 24-2x3's, and a class picture. I am not talking about getting the custom background, the retouching, or the name and school year. I am talking about getting the cheapest package that has at least one 5x7 for my frame and a class picture. Maybe a few of the little ones to trade with friends...We used to trade pictures with our friends - do kids still do that?

Either way, I want my children to have their class picture. I want them to have their school picture.

I remember all of my school pictures. I remember the one in first grade when I wore my bluebird earrings. I remember my one from fourth grade - the first with my ginormous bug-eye glasses. I remember my freshman picture, but would rather not.

The point is, school pictures is about memories for me. I want my kids to have great memories from school, and one of the ways to do that is to get school pictures: good, bad, crooked smile, barces, glasses and crazy hair.

Then, Jonathan dropped another bomb on me. He told me that we do not need to purchase a yearbook each year for the kids. "They only need a yearbook from their Senior Year of High School", says he. 'Wrong-o!' says me!

I could not believe my ears! I love my school yearbooks! (and Jonathan knows this...he gets made at me each time we clean out the storage and come across my memory box...I get lost for hours) I love each year that I have! I don't have one from 1st-3rd grade because my school must not have offered them, and I wish I did. I love looking at them and remembering the kids I went to school with. I like reading what the other kids wrote in them. I think it is fun to laugh at the way our teachers looked.

I know we take tons of pictures with our own camera. And, we just had super awesome pictures taken by Carissa, but it is not the same. Those are not the same as the cheesy, sometimes scary, often funny, school pictures. And they are certainly not the same as the yearbook!

So, Picture Day is September 15. Will there be memories made, or forgotten? I will let you know =)


  1. Oh no, no!! You MUST buy school pictures!! I am so crazy that not only do I buy school pictures each year, but I also do a picture of my kids at JC Penney every year on their birthday. My reasoning is this. The school picture, as you noted above, never comes out perfect and I love that!! So the JC Penney one is the picture that I can somewhat control because I can choose a good pose etc. But there is nothing like a school picture. And as for the kids love theirs. When I was growing up, we didn't have yearbooks until middle school. But how fun for the kids to have picturs of all their friends, not just the ones in their class that year. Hope you get your way :)

  2. Holy Cow, you have to take the pics!!!! OK, I buy the cheapest package available, almost never get the pics in a frame, but.... it's all about the memory. I've had a ton of really good cries when I come across them. Like Olivia's preschool picture( she's about to turn 12).And the yearbook, they will love to look back on all those memories when they are older. I'm so sentimental about things like that. Poor Jonathon doesn't realize what a frenzy he could be causing. Maybe our comments will sway him.
    It's really really important Jonathon.Please reconsider.

  3. I will be talking to him tomorrow. That is unacceptable! I want a wallet pic anyway :-)

  4. LOL!!! Well we DO buy the class pic which is taken in the Spring, not the Fall... go figure! And we buy the yearbook, but nope I don't buy the package of pics. I used to, but they're so bad I NEVER put them on my wall and would NEVER show them to anyone so they wouldn't go into my wallet. We get their pics professionally done once a year with our own photographer anyway. They'll have to just keep the memories with their yearbooks. I too love to look back at all my old friends and teachers :).