Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apparently, I've Been Tagged =)

I never did chain letters as a kid, and I don't forward emails now (unless they are wet-my-pants funny, or you-might-die important) - but I will play along =)

The lovely Stephanie (Daily Smiles), mother of the uber-cute Emilia, tagged me in one of her recent posts. I am supposed to write about how we came up with our children's names, and then tag others out in blogland to hear their stories.

So, here goes...
When choosing names, Jonathan and I both agreed that we wanted fairly traditional names - or at least ones that didn't make people go, huh? We also both agreed that we wanted to use traditional spellings. Also, we wanted names that were cute as children, but could also "grow up" with them and be respectable names as adults out in the workforce.

Charles (Charlie) Jonathan - If it was a boy, then we knew the middle name would be Jonathan (my husband's first name). We actually came up with Charlie fairly easily and quickly. We were sitting around tossing out potential names when someone (not sure who) said Charlie. Jonathan and I both agreed that we really liked that name.

If Charlie had been a girl, his name would have been Elizabeth, and we planned to call her Ellie. But, as I was in the hospital laboring, one of the nurses' name was Ellie. We mentioned to her that we planned to name our baby Ellie if she was a girl... She said nothing: Not a smile, Not a 'I Love my Name'...Nothing! So glad that Charlie was boy!!

Paige Elizabeth - Again, we didn't find out the sex, so we had to come up with both a girl and a boy name. We had a really hard time. I knew that if was a girl, I wanted the middle name to be Elizabeth (my mom's first name - even though she goes by her middle name). Was going to do Elizabeth (Ellie) for a first name again, but we moved into an area where there are several Elizabeths, Beths, Lizzies, etc. Plus, we now had a niece named Eliza.

We actually had a baby naming contest among Jonathan's family. Everyone submitted a first and middle name for both a boy and girl, and, if we used any of the names, they won a prize. Jonathan's older sister submitted Natalie Paige as her girl name.

The boy, btw was going to be Theordore James. I loved it, and couldn't wait for a little 'Teddy' to be running around, but it was not warmly received by others. Again...Good thing Paige was girl!!

Anna Kathleen - Once again, didn't know the sex, so we were trying to come up with both a boy and girl name. I was certain that Anna was a girl, so I was not even thinking about boy names. I was reading the Christmas story in the Bible and continued on to the part where they bring Jesus to the Temple on the eighth day. Most people stop at the part where they meet Simeon, but if you keep reading, they also meet a woman named Anna. For whatever reason, that name stuck with me. Also, Anne is my sister's middle name, so it seemed appropriate.

So, I was certain our baby would be a girl and we would name her Anna. In fact, I was not even entertaining other girl names, even though I pretended to so my husband would feel like he had a say =). We still needed a middle name. We tossed around several options before someone suggested Kathleen. That someone was Kathleen, Jonathan's younger sister. I loved it!

I am not sure we even had a boy name when we went to the hospital. It's a good thing Anna was a girl!!

And that is our story. =) Now it is your turn! If you see your name below, play along (hey - I did and it wasn't so bad). If you have already been tagged, then leave a comment with a link to your post.

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  1. Thanks for playing along. i never expected to be tagged myself, but this was a fun one. Your children really do have great names.

  2. I love all those names! I guess I need to get busy and post mine soon! I think I will squeeze it into my schedule tonight! Now who will I tag?