Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Emotional Morning =(

There is a little boy with Down syndrome in the 1st grade at Charlie's school. I often see him running around with the other kids when I am dropping Charlie off. Usually this sight gives me a little boost because it is reassuring to see him playing with, and being accepted by, the other kids.

Today was different, however. Today when I was dropping Charlie off, I noticed some boys picking on Andrew. I was about to jump in and say something, but the teachers quickly intervened.

I know that even typical kids get picked on from time to time...but it hurt me to see someone so innocent being teased. Needless to say, it made me a bit emotional for a good part of the morning. I couldn't help but think that one day it could be Anna that is being teased. =(

In hindsight, I still should have intervened. I think they all could have used a good dose of Down syndrome Awareness!


  1. That's also one of my greatest fears. I love Em so much, I would go nuts if anyone hurt her. I feel the same about my other kids of course but I do worry more about Em. Seeing that would have made me upset too.
    I just finished looking at Anna's picture, and all the other children. They are so beautiful. There was even another little baby named Emilia!

  2. I'm super happy the teacher was there to intervene. As a teacher, I think it's great when a parent introduces an educational opportunity or brings an important issue to my attention.
    If it stays on your mind, go ahead and follow through with the teacher. Let her know what you witnessed, thank him/her for stepping in, and ask him/her what the school's policy is in that situation. If you're comfortable or you think Charlie is, let the teacher know about your background...or simply let the teacher know that it's Down syndrome awareness month and (wink, wink) a GREAT opportunity to turn Andrew into a resident celebrity.
    That's an icky start but I'm so glad Andrew had you there with your eyes and heart open...just in case...

  3. Oh my goodness. Reading this breaks my heart. I fear this every day for Carly. I hope and pray that the kids at her school will continue to think of her as one of their = peers. I do realize though, that at times they will tease her. That's kids. It's what they do. I know that, but it doesn't make it any easier for me. I'm not sure how I would have reacted seeing what you saw today. Probably much the same way. I may or may not have gotten involved. I think I may have been too angry to be the one to step in. I'm very happy that a teacher did step in. Still. I feel just awful for that poor little guy.

  4. So glad the teachers were on top of things. those stories break my heart and make me nervous for my little guys future but you are right all kids get made fun of. My 5 year old little niece came home from school crying the other day because the girls told her she looked like Dora the Explorer. While she does look like her and is the cutest thing ever it hurt her feelings. Good thing our little kids have such wonderful mothers to sooth the hurts away.

  5. Poor thing! I just can't stand the thought of any of my kids getting picked on. I'm glad the teacher was there to help. Too bad there weren't other kids who stuck up for him. Sometimes it makes a difference when kids see their peers sticking up for others.

  6. I'm sorry your morning was stressful, I worry about these things too but fortunately our community is wonderful with people with disabilities, I am just hoping it stays that way! About Signing Time, we have the first 2 baby ones and she knows all of the signs. I got her the baby 3 & 4 and 3 & 4 of the "regular" ones for her birthday because I think the first two seemed pretty similar to the baby ones :)