Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Costume Parades!

'Tis the season for costumes and candy!

At Paige's school yesterday, they didn't wear their costumes. Instead, they pretended to be different types of animals. They each chose an animal plate (Zooplates), and then they were to wear clothes that matched the color of the animal they chose. Paige chose a bird. The plate was blue and yellow, but we didn't really have anything to match. So, me being cheap, convinced Paige that she was a colorful parrot or macaw, and that she needed to wear a read shirt.

Here are a few pics and a quick video of the day.

Today at Charlie's school, they had a big costume parade. We had the option of picking our kids up and taking them home for lunch. After lunch, we change them into their costumes and send them back to school. Once everyone was back to school and in their costumes, they all paraded around the parking lot.

And, here are a few pics and quick video from Charlie's parade. (BTW, Charlie is Batman)

Paige also insisted on wearing her costume (Cinderella) to the parade. She had fun hanging out with her friend Ryan and laughing at all the costumes.

Looking forward to Trick-or-Treating tomorrow!!

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