Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Magster

Meet Maggie! (A.K.A. The Magster, Magpie, The Beast, and The Pooper Hole - don't ask).
I just got Maggie groomed today and was taking a couple of pictures (as I like to do when she is looking spiffy)when I realized that I have wasted far too much space on two silly fish, and have only had one post about our beloved furbaby, Maggie. The Shame!

Maggie is a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. If you are looking for a great family dog, I highly recommend a Wheatie.

Jonathan and I first got Maggie the week after returning from our honeymoon. We really had a no business getting a dog at that point in our lives (especially since we lived in an apartment that didn't allow pets), but we fell in love that little furball - we just couldn't resist her!
Maggie is SUPER with the kids! Did I mention that I highly recommend a Wheatie as a great family dog? Plus, she doesn't shed and rarely barks -- such a great dog! Seriously - look at her just lying there as Anna checks her out!

On nice days, Maggie likes to be outside. When we meet a neighbor for the first time and we explain where we live in the neighborhood, they are like, "Oh, you guys are the ones with the white dog in the front yard." Maggie likes to just lie in the shade in the front yard and take it all in. Lately, she has gotten even lazier when she is out there. She doesn't watch what is going on anymore, she full-on naps! There has been more than one occassion that I have thought that she was dead out in our front yard (kind of like in the picture above). --- It must be really rough being our dog!

But, we all have our chores with regards to Maggie. Jonathan is in charge of bathing her, administering her monthly meds, and cleaning up the yard. Charlie lets Maggie out in the morning (so key because I hate going downstairs before I have to --- especially if it is cold!), and helps with food and water. Paige is in charge of giving Maggie food, and Anna is supposed to stay out of it! =) Paige also likes to help Jonathan pick up the 'Maggie Stinky' in the yard (no idea why). She is the spotter, and Jonathan is the scooper. And, as in pretty much all other areas of the house - I fill in the blanks (food, water, letting her out, groomer, vet, combing, cleaning up after her, etc.)

Anyway, we love our crazy dog! We love it when she is a shaggy mess and desperately in need of grooming (see pic below), and kids always ask me, "where are her eyes?" We love it that she pulls your arm off when you try to walk her w/o the gentle leader. We love that when she drinks, her beard gets all wet and drips everywhere. We love that after she eats, you can count to ten and she will let out a huge loud belch. We love that she has serious bad gas when she has something other than her food to eat (ok - we really don't love the gas...but it is comical). We love that when we walk in the door, she gives us her full 'Wheaton-Greetin' everytime. We love that when it snows her legs collect 'snowballs'.
We just love her!
Here are a few more of my favorite Maggie pics...enjoy!

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