Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Last Friday we had parent-teacher conferences for both Charlie and Paige.

Here is a brief recap of the highlights of each conference:

We weren't quite sure what we should expect to hear from Paige's teacher. We were concerned that she was going to tell that Paige is loud and talks all the time (at least, that is how she is at home.) We were quite pleased when Mrs. C told us that she is "little ray of sunshine", and "always eager to please and help out". She also said that Paige listens well and follows instructions, and that she plays nicely with the other children. In fact, Mrs. C said she is almost motherly toward the other children and always making sure they are okay. (BTW, this is not a trait she gets from me...I am a mother, not motherly).

We did giggle a bit when Mrs. C told us that "Paige sometimes gets a little excited and just needs a gentle reminder to settle down". I thought it was a very nice way to say that Paige can get loud sometimes =) But, she said that she did listen to the correction and settled down when asked.

All in all a great report! We were very pleased to hear that she is behaving as expected and is right on track for a 3.5 year old.

Just like Paige, Charlie got a glowing report from his teacher. (We expected nothing less after being named Student of the Month). Mrs. T said that Charlie is very cooperative and gets along well with the other kids in the class. She said that he listens well to stories and is able to answer questions about them later on. And she said that Charlie always has interesting show-and-tells, meaning that he likes to get up in front of the class and has a lot to say about whatever object he brought to class. (And this trait is not from me, either...when I was in Kindergarten, my mom and teacher had to have a talk with me about speaking up in class. My teacher would ask me a direct question, to which I knew the answer, and I would just bury my head-- I have come so far!)

Mrs. T also went over the Kindergarten assesment reports (report cards), and how and what they would be assessing the children on. We were thrilled to see that Charlie is doing quite well with his "academics".

I think our favorite comment from Mrs. T, however, was, "Charlie eats very slowly". She said that she even tries to give him a little headstart during snack time, and he is still one of the last ones done eating. Well, if that is the worse thing she has to say about Charlie, I will take it!

Needless to say, we are beaming with sinful pride that our children are doing so well in school. I pray that they continue to enjoy school and learning...they are there for then next 12-16 years!

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