Friday, October 9, 2009


It's Friday!

It is a cold, rainy, fall day. I am tired today, and could use a nice long nap. But, alas, that probably won't happen because the 'To Do' list is growing.

Anna has a fever and is cranky. I am hoping the culprit is more teeth, or at worse, an ear infection. I will be keeping and eye on her, and definitely keeping her inside out of the weather!

Big plans for the annual trek to the Pumpkin Patch tomorrow are being hatched. I am praying that the weather cooperates and that Anna is feeling better (and me too, for that matter!). The kids love it so it should be a good time =)

Oh, and how could I forget?? In therapy yesterday, Anna was repeatedly saying 'babababababa' for her baby! Not actually saying 'baby', but seemed to grasp the concept that the baby had a name and that she needed to say something, specifically the 'b' sound, in order to get Ms. Jeanette to give the baby back.

We introduced a 'baby' to Anna a couple of weeks ago during therapy with Ms. Cynthia. At that time, Anna actually didn't have a baby doll of her own - just lots of stuffed animals. We asked Paige to share one of hers, but she refused - little stinker. So, Anna and I went to Wal-mart and got a baby for her own.

Anyway, over the past week or so, Anna has become very fond of, and attached to her baby. She likes to hug it. She smiles when you give it to her at naptime. And, if you ask Anna, 'where is your baby?', she will immediately crawl over to it and give it a big hug.

Over the past month or so, I have really noticed an increase in Anna's receptive language. She knows a lot more than the she is able to express at this point. I am certain that she knows clearly who everyone in the family is, what 'eat' and 'bath' and 'night-night' mean. She has mastered signing 'more' (though is still looks like clapping), and uses the sign appropriately and frequently. She has also started using the 'All Done' sign (her version of it anyway).

It is so fun and exciting to watch her grow and learn!


  1. I think Sam is getting more teeth as well. He is just so dang fussy lately. I am so jealous you are going to a Pumpkin patch. I used to live in D.C. and I LOVED fall time. I am back in Utah and it's just not the same. I hope the weather does cooperate and you have a wonderful time.

  2. Em's not herself today either, and I put my head down for a second at the table today( no we were not eating) and fell asleep. It's a cold rainy day here too. Only good for napping.
    That is really cool that Anna is figuring out baby! It's all so exciting, isn't it!

  3. Hope she gets to feeling better! It was warm here 85. Much too warm for October. Hooray for Anna! She is like Mattie. Soaking up everything! Mattie is starting to pick up on the signs at a faster rate than when we first started.