Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Update: 5K and Soccer

What a beautiful fall weekend we had here in the Northeast!

On Saturday morning, we (Jonathan, Brother-In-Law Joel, and I) ran in a 5K. The 5K4K is a charity even to support the P.G. Chambers School, which is a school for children with disabilities and special needs. We don't actually know anyone who attends the school, but we can relate to them.

Anyway, the charity isn't the reason we ran the 5K. Basically, I was looking for a way to get myself a little more motivated to run and workout. Jonathan and Joel thought it sounded like a good idea as well -- so I signed us up!
We didn't break any speed records, but we all did finish. And, we all finished under our goal times that we had set for ourselves! Woohoo!
Right after our race, we rushed over to the soccer fields for Charlie's soccer clinic. I didn't stay: Anna needed a nap, and I needed shower! But, the report is that Charlie, once again, had loads of fun and did great! Unfortunately, Payton was not on his team again, but they did pair up for a drill or two. =)

Sunday was spent worshipping the Lord and praising Him for the glorious he day he blessed us with!

Looking forward to more gorgeous fall weather (before it turns cold and nasty - boo!)

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