Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cardiologist Appointment: No Change

This morning, I took Anna to the pediatric cardiologist for a follow-up appointment.

Anna has a coronary fistula. In simple terms, one of her coronary arteries, instead of staying on the outside of the heart, actually dips back down into one her chambers.

The fistula was discovered when Anna was a newborn during an echocardiogram (ordered because her pediatrician suspected Ds). At that time, the fistula was very small, and we have been monitoring it since then to make sure it remains small, or better yet, closes on its own. At today's appointment, the fistula was still there, but it has not changed any in size. Her cardiologist does not see the fistula as an issue to be concerned about (at this time), but wants to continue to monitor her with yearly appointments to make sure no adverse effects develop.

So, the official report is "No Change", which is both good and bad. The bad news is that Anna still has a small fistula and the potential (albeit very slight) to develop complications. The good news is that we should not fret about it. According to her cardiologist, if Anna gets sick, the issue is most likely not with her heart. Although Anna's cardiologist is really not concerned about the fistula, he still recommends antibiotics for dental work, and other such procedures, simply as a precaution.

And, he also said getting the H1N1 vaccine for her is a no-brainer. So, I guess I will be calling her pediatrician to make an appointment for a shot, and a prescription for orthotics.


  1. No change is good news, as she grows prayerfully it will take care of itself!

  2. That is kindof frustrating, good news but bad news at the same time. Glad the Doctor is going to check her once a year to keep an eye on her. WE still haven't gotten Sam the H1N1, his peditrician hasn't said anything about it. We take him again on Monday so maybe she will this time? Have a great Thanksgiving.