Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: Boom and Bust

Halloween was a little bit of drag around here because it was raining. That did not stop the kids from hauling loads of candy, though!

Jonathan took Charlie and Paige (aka Batman and Cinderella) to the Trunk-or-Treat party at our church early in the evening. The kids had a great time getting filling their bags with candy, eating donuts off a string without using their hands, having their face painted, and many other fun and exciting things for little kids.

When they got home, they were ready to hit the neighborhood. Anna was not, however. In fact, I didn't even manage a picture of the three kids because she was fussing so much. It was an early night for her.
So, Charlie, Paige and I set out with a neighbor friend. It was just misting - not even sprinkling- when we started out. But, by the time we were on the far end of the neighborhood, it was pretty much pouring on us. We got lots of candy, but we also got soaked!

It was fun, though, and the kids had a good time.

Speaking of kids...check out this big kid making some cool pumpkins =)

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Look for future posts about how I plan to work off all the candy I will most likely consume =)


  1. Sorry it rained, but it obviously didn't stop you, nice pile of candy!!!
    Really nice pumpkins! BEAUTIFUL JOB!

  2. We had a little rain too. Most of it ended once the kids went out so mainly just wet roads. The kids look adorable!

  3. Sorry the adorable strawberry wasn't in the mood for pictures. Looks like you had lots of fun even with the rain.

  4. Love the pictures, Lori. What a pumpkin carver, Jonathan is...I'm impressed. That is a ton of candy the kids got. Save some for your mom and dad. Hope all of you enjoy a wonderful visit together. What a beautiful Cinderella Paige was. And that must be Charlie behind the mask - can't believe how they have grown. I enjoy your blog, it's wonderful!! Gayle Saari